How Fireworks Can Cause Your Pets To Go MissingThe Fourth Of July is a holiday where many people enjoy the outdoors. They get an extra day off work that week and use the time to get together with their family and relax. Fireworks have become a tradition for the fourth, and have stood as a celebration and recognition of America’s Independence Day. Everyone loves the exploding bursts of ignition that lights the night sky, with bright colors cascading through the night. However, for your pets, the fireworks can cause anxiety and all-out dismay.

The enjoyment that firework brings to people is not reciprocal with pets. Those loud noises and strange lights take on a scary and unknown realm for them. Their first reaction might be to bolt as soon as an open door or window presents itself. Dogs are more prone to do this than cats, as cats have an “I do not care” type of attitude towards most things. However, your furry friend could end up on the missing list if you are not careful.

Here are some tips to help calm and prevent your pets from running away when the fireworks begin this year.

Start Before The Fireworks Do

Exercise is important for your pet and you want to make sure that they get that daily walk. Make sure to do this before it gets dark. The fireworks do not start until the darkness sets in, so to ensure that your pet will not freak out and run off, get the walk out of the much earlier in the day. If you have no other choice but to walk your pet in the nighttime, make sure that they have a leash on. Also, their tags should be recent with updated information for their disappearance.

Make As Much Noise As Possible

If you keep your pet inside when the fireworks start, they can still hear them. This could potentially still cause a scared reaction to the noise. To prevent this, make as much background noise inside as possible. Turn the TV up loudly, or put on some music that normally calms them. Any other sound to drown out the loud booms of the outside happenings ensure your pets stay cool, calm, and collected throughout the nighttime festivities.

Put A Plan In Place Ahead Of Time

You know your pet better than anyone. If you know that every fourth, the fireworks make them freak out, have a plan already in motion in preparation for the holiday. Have their favorite song, TV show, or blanket ready for the loud noises that scare them. Sometimes, even having their best pal to cuddle up with is all they need to keep themselves calm.

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