how to keep your cat healthy and leanDo you need help on keeping your cat healthy? Cats are awesome. They are loving, affectionate as well as heart-warming, and in return, you should keep them as healthy and lean as you can. Out there, there is a ton of information on how to keep your pet healthy and lean, but here we have narrowed down to the most important ones.

Here are four most important tips on how to keep your cat as healthy and lean as possible!

1. Give Your Cat The Right Diet

The importance of giving your cat the right type of food cannot be overstated. The type of food they eat affects almost every aspect of your cat’s life, starting from its weight, health, and luster of the fur, to your pet’s moods.

Give them a well-balanced diet that can be digested at ease. It is important to stay away from giving your pet ‘treats’ in the form of human food as this can be the biggest cause of obesity to your pet.

If you have doubts on what to feed your cat, you can contact our qualified team of experts and specialist in pet’s nutrition for a comprehensive guide on what you can feed your pet.

Some of the most common tips that you should know in regards to feeding your cat include:

  • Understand the ingredients contained in your their food so that you can avoid a diet that has a lot of artificial additives and unhealthy fillers. Avoid food that has taurine content as it can cause blindness to your cat.
  • Establish their calorie requirement based on your pet’s level of activity and size.
  • Consult your vet to assess your cat and come up with a target weight for your pet.
  • Feed your cat animal-based protein as they have difficulty in absorbing plant-based protein.
  • Always provide fresh water to your pet.

2. Exercise Your Cat Regularly

Exercising your cat regularly should be a habit. Exercising checks the weight of your pet, and in return, your cat will be pruned to less weight-related disease and injury. Not to mention, exercising your pet regularly will improve your pet’s quality of life and even prolong life expectancy.

3. Seek the Services of a Vet on Constant Basis

Prevention is better that cure when it comes to the health of your pet. By having your them regularly checked by a qualified vet, you can avert any unforeseen health issues.

Make it a habit to visit a vet when your pet is still young so that the cat can get used to being examined. Always have the weight of your pet checked as a priority.

If you are looking for high-quality vet services, you can always visit or contact our highly qualified vets. Dr. Sam Shenouda, Dr. Ann Reed, and Dr. Elizabeth Howe have received their doctorates on veterinary medicine from Cairo University, Kansas State University, and the University of Philippines respectively. They offer vet services that are of high quality.

4. Learn To Understand Your Cat

Pets need your attention as much as you need theirs. Understanding your pet’s specific health needs will help you to meet them adequately. Besides, by mastering their habits, you can tell when they need any medical attention.

Remember to always consult our vets for high-quality services on how to keep your pet healthy and lean!

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