services at Sunny Hills Veterinary HospitalWhat services do we offer at Sunny Hills Veterinary Hospital?

When it comes to owning a pet, you are adding another addition to your family. To properly take care of your pet has just as much importance as you would have yourself and/or your family. All pets are different, however, it is important for you to keep up their health properly.

At Sunny Hills Veterinary Hospital, we strive to offer the best vet services in the local area. We understand that a multitude of residents in the community loves their pets dearly. Many of our clients visit us with a variety of animals including dogs, cats, birds, turtles, and more.

Our doctors have over 20 years of experience and keep up high-quality standards to the treatments that we offer. We offer a variety of services, however, here are some of the main services that we offer to pets.

Sunny Hills Veterinary Hospital Services

Behavioral Medicine 

On a daily basis you may notice that your pet acts out a bit. Our team specializes in providing behavior medicine, which also includes behavioral counseling. The methods and medicine that we use are all geared towards re-training a pet’s negative behavior.

We know that you love your pet just as much as you would love a family member. The latter is why our staff of professional doctors take the most efficient approach possible to remedying your pet’s bad behavior. Everyone deserves to have a happy home and with our behavioral medicine program, we will make sure to improve most of the behavior problems your pets have.

Boarding & Grooming

As humans, we understand that when we feel better, we do better. Our entire staff is proud to indulge in providing your pet with amazing indoor boarding activities while in our care. Boarding provides an opportunity for your pet to receive proper exercise, fresh air, and clean water.

While we are able to give food for your pet, we do recommend that you bring your pet’s favorite food. While some pets can adjust to new food, many pets have to slowly transition into a new diet.

Dental Care

When you own a pet, you have to make sure that all of their health needs are being properly treated. Unfortunately, dental disease is one of the most neglected diseases that pets experience.

We have a dedicated team that ensures proper treatments and dental solutions. We tell all of our clients of common signs that can show signs of dental disease. Signs such as bad breath, difficulty eating, discolored teeth, and blood coming from the mouth is a sign you should keep an eye on.

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Are you ready to offer your pet with the best health solutions and proper care? We are proud to serve the local community with the services that we offer. When you would like to have our team properly take care of your pet, Please feel free to contact our team at your earliest convenience.

During our business hours, you can call us at (714) 526-4694 for an immediate response. You can also contact our team via e-mail and a representative will respond to your inquiry in a timely fashion.

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