Here at Sunny Hills Veterinary Hospital, we have complete indoor boarding facilities available for dogs, cats, and exotics.

Our whole staff is proud of our boarding and grooming facilities and the care that we give to our patients. It is our goal as a hospital to provide the very best care for your pet.

Our Promise
As animal lovers, we understand how hard it is to leave your precious pet, no matter how fun your vacation will be. We are here to take care of your pet while you are away and we promise that we will take wonderful care of him or her. You won’t need to worry while your pet is in our care.


  • As animal lovers, we know that pets do best with a routine. Because of this, we work hard to keep your pet’s routine as normal as possible. If you have any special requirements for your pet, be sure to let us know. We also recommend that you bring your pet’s own food so that his or her stomach does not get upset.
  • We make it a priority to make sure that every pet has plenty of fresh and clean water. We are closely monitoring each pet to ensure that they always have plenty of water.
  • Exercise is also an important part of your pet’s life. We work hard to exercise all of the pets that are in our facility. We take the dogs outside and on walks like they are used to.
  • Our doctors always have the time to check the daily follow up sheet and to call you with any abnormalities and recommendations.
  • We hire only the best. Our staff is well-trained and very professional. They all love animals and will treat your pet like their very own while you are away. We want you to know that your pet is in wonderful and loving hands so you don’t have to worry.
  • It is our goal to maintain a very clean facility. Because of this, we offer tours for our clients to help them feel more at ease with their decision. We want you to notice how clean we maintain our facility, along with all of the happy pets in our care.

Many people have concerns when it comes to boarding their pet. For this reason, we will be happy to let you tour our boarding facility. Our goal is to set your mind at ease after a visit. We will allow plenty of time for you to answer questions or voice your concerns. We will also take this time to discuss our boarding policies so you are comfortable with your decision.

Important Reminders

  • Dogs and cats are required to have current vaccines, including Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccines for dogs. Exotic pets need to be current on exams and necessary lab work.
  • Our boarding facility drop off and pick-up hours are the same as our regular hospital hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-8:30pm Sat 9am-5pm & Sun 10am -4pm.
  • We offer Science Diet and our caring staff walks our dogs two times a day.
  • For boarding over long weekends and holidays, please make you reservations as early as possible as our space fills up quickly.


We are very proud of our groomers. They are wonderful and simply the best. They know and understand the different breed standards. However, they are also willing to take special requests so that you will be completely happy with your pet when he or she is finished.

Our groomer’s specialty is bathing and grooming hard to handle pets. You’ll find that our groomers go above and beyond what is expected of them so both you and your pet are happy. They make sure that they always clean ears and trim nails while a pet is here. Our groomers are proud of their work and it shows in every clean smelling pet that leaves our hospital.

Make An Appointment Today!
Grooming is only available by appointment. This allows our groomers time to do their best work.

We do our best when scheduling appointments to make sure that our groomers have time to work their magic, without feeling rushed. We also don’t want to have our clients waiting. We know the end result of a beautiful pet is well worth finding a convenient time to get your pet groomed.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions about our boarding or grooming services. At your request, we can schedule an appointment for you to see our facility.