OrthopedicPets deserve care, love and affection because these things contribute a lot to the development of their domestic life. These pets must also be provided with proper medical attention when their situation or condition calls for it. Several treatments and medications are offered at Sunny Hills Veterinary Hospital. Our Veterinarians are capable of providing the most appropriate medical care and solutions that suit your pets’ health condition. If your pet needs affordable orthopedic surgery to help their condition, pet owners like you can now turn to Sunny Hills Veterinary Hospital.

Sunny Hills Veterinary Hospital offers an array of pet services, including orthopedic and hip surgery. Orthopedic surgery may sound costly, but all pet owners should know that there are affordable pet orthopedic surgery options for your pet.

Affordable Pet Orthopedic Surgery at Sunny Hills Veterinary Hospital:

The Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteomy or TPLO surgery is a type of surgery intended for dealing with cranial cruciate ligament injury. This surgery removes the tendency for the dog’s shinbone to thrust in times of weight bearing. The TLPO surgery also keeps the cartilages from being crushed or torn. This surgery is proven to avoid cases of long-term arthritis on your pets.

In cases of broken bones, the bone plating or bone surgery is also an excellent option to be undertaken to heal your pet’s broken bone. This surgery includes application of surgical implants by making use of plates, screws, wires and pins to the pet’s broken limb. This procedure is essential in keeping the bones in place and restoring them effectively.

Tail and limb amputation are other procedures available that can help in dealing with injuries caused by infection, cancer, trauma, and other issues. Pet owners can rely on Sunny Hills Veterinary Hospital to offer all of these services at a reduced cost.

These procedures must never be taken for granted by pet owners, because the safety and protection of their pets is at stake. It may be better to go for affordable pet orthopedic surgery, but make sure that this surgery is handled only by the most professional veterinarians. These professionals can only be found in the most reputable veterinary hospitals. Aside from providing affordable pet orthopedic surgery, an ideal veterinary hospital must also be responsible in offering complete surgical, medical, and daily care for pets.

It is best to trust Sunny Hills Veterinary Hospital, with their staff composed of skilled doctors who are aware of the latest changes in the field of veterinary medicine. These doctors have the necessary skills and knowledge in handling surgical procedures to ensure the safety of pets.

Affordable pet orthopedic surgery dealing with joint injuries and broken bones is definitely of great importance for ensuring the health of your pets. Your pet definitely deserves to get the best medical attention and going for cost-effective surgeries at Sunny Hills Veterinary Hosptial is a wise decision. As pet owners, you need to be sure that the cheaper cost will not compromise the quality and efficiency of the procedure.

At Sunny Hills Veterinary Hospital our responsibility includes assisting pets during their rehabilitation and recovery. It may take some time for injuries to heal. That is why the necessary assistance during these phases must be the pet owner’s responsibility. Aside from affordable pet orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation and recovery services for pets are also available today.

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