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Microchip Your Pet Home Again

A HomeAgain pet microchip implant is a built-in circuit placed under the skin of a dog, cat, horse, parrot or other animal. After checking that the animal does not already have a chip, the vet or technician injects the chip with a syringe and information the chip’s unique id. No anesthetic is required. A check scan ensures correct operation. The HomeAgain pet microchip size is that of a big grain of rice, and uses small Radio Frequency Identification. One in three pets will become lost and without a HomeAgain pet microchip, most won’t return home. Consistent with the American Humane Association, roughly about 17% of lost canines and cats never do find their way home again to their owners.

July 4th is the #1 day that pets get lost and some are found in shelters.

Retaining identification on your pets throughout the year is extremely vital. Be sure that all tags have a current information, telephone number and email. If your pet is micro-chipped, just be sure you have let your pet restoration provider know if there have been any changes.

HomeAgain Pet Microchip is at Sunny Hills Veterinary Hospital

Tags and collars are a good start – they are for sure better than no identification at all – but they aren’t one hundred percent dependable. Tags can fade, rust, or get scratched, making them impossible to read. Collars can tear or slip off, or get caught on something while your pet is wandering. With the HomeAgain pet microchip, your pet’s source of identification is always on hand. To microchip your pet, a veterinarian injects a tiny chip in the size of a grain of rice slightly below your pet’s skin between the shoulder blades. The number on the chip is then entered into the HomeAgain database.

When a lost pet is discovered, any animal health facility, shelter, or humane society can use a special handheld microchip scanner to read our microchip’s unique identification number. The veterinarian or shelter then contacts the HomeAgain database. The database matches the Unique ID to a name and phone number making it easier to reunite the lost pet with its owner.

There’s an annual membership fee and with that comes some great advantages like:

  • 24-7 emergency veterinary care,
  • lost pet medical health insurance, and
  • trip help for found pets.

At Sunny Hills Veterinary Hospital, we are offering a deal on microchipping and other surgical procedures. For the month of June and July, Sunny Hills Veterinary Hospital will be running a special offer for HomeAgain Microchips for only $55 including registration.

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