veterinarian in brea, caDo you have a cat? One whose eyes you crumble at every time? Or maybe it is a dog, your own little alpha? It might even be a bunny for your child, one that she is crazy for. Whatever pet you own, you would want only the best care and service for it.

If your pet falls sick, or he or she needs a physical assessment, you need the services of a qualified veterinarian to treat him or her. If you live in Brea, California, there is an animal hospital near Brea that offers quality veterinarian services at very affordable prices. First, though, why should you have your pet checked?

Pets and Health

The following are reasons why your pet needs the services of a veterinarian:

  • A check-up is necessary to ensure that your pet is free from disease. Our Brea animal hospital veterinarian provides check-up for your pet as per an agreed schedule, and this check-up is a full physical to ensure your pet is okay.
  • Your pet gets treated when he or she falls sick. He, therefore, stays at an optimum health condition, which means that he will be more fun to hang with.
  • By checking your pet for health issues, you protect anyone who lives around him. Several diseases can be transmitted from the pet to anyone in his environment, for example, rabies when an infected dog bites a human. Our Brea veterinary services ensure that your pet is free from any diseases to protect anyone around him.

Sunny Hills Veterinary Hospital Serves Brea, CA

At Sunny Hills, we understand the need and importance of having your pet stay healthy and free from disease. For this reason, we provide the best veterinary services for anyone living in Brea, California and surrounding areas. Every staff member in our Brea animal hospital is an animal lover, and therefore, the optimum health of your pet comes first for us. Our services range through all pets, from dogs to bunnies. These veterinary services are provided by the best equipment as we spare no cost when ensuring that your pet is well taken care of.

The services offered by our animal hospital near Brea include behavioral medicine, physical examinations, pet dental care, laser surgery, pain management, oxygen transfusion, house calls, ultrasound, vaccinations, digital x-ray, and internal medicine, among others. These services are offered by highly qualified veterinarians and caregivers.

Why Pick Sunny Hills Veterinary Hospital?

  • We ensure that your pet is protected from any potential diseases through vaccination. These vaccinations include vaccines for rabies, kennel cough, and influenza, among others.
  • Our vet services are affordable. At times, you may be afraid to have your cat or dog checked up because you feel that you cannot afford it. Our Brea veterinarian service is affordable because we understand that the care and health of any pet are of utmost importance.
  • We provide house calls for any residents of Brea. If your pet falls sick within Brea, and you don’t know how to carefully get it to our hospital, we can drop by your house and check him out.

We treat all kinds of pets, and our treatment services are top-notch. Whether it is an exotic bird or an adorable pup, we will provide the best veterinary service we can. Let us take care of your pet’s health!