Veterinarian in La Mirada, CA

Here at Sunny Hills Veterinary Hospital, we treat your pet like it’s our pet. Led by Dr. Sam Shenouda, our experienced and caring team handles everything from routine physical exams to orthopedics & hip surgeries. Dr. Shenouda has over 25 years practicing veterinary medicine. He built the Loving Vet Care veterinary group with the belief that quality medicine should be convenient and affordable for every pet owner. At our La Mirada veterinary pratice we offer the following services:

  • Physical Exams – Just like humans, pets need routine physical exams. Our La Mirada veterinarian will thoroughly examine your pet, check their vaccination records, and discuss preventative medicine.
  • Boarding & Grooming – Relax and enjoy your next vacation. Feel at ease knowing that our professional staff will make your pet comfortable and happy while you’re away.
  • Pet Dental Care – According to the American Veterinary Dental College – “Periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition occurring in adult dogs and cats, and is entirely preventable.”  Our La Mirada veterinarian will give your pet a complete dental exam and offer advice on caring for your pet’s teeth.
  • Digital X-Ray – Digital X-Ray technology provides fast and efficient results and may lower your pet’s exposure to radiation.
  • Drop-Off & Pick-Up – We make caring for your pet convenient, even for the busiest of owners. You can call ahead to schedule a drop-off, and pick up your pet at the end of your busy day.
  • Emergency Services –  Our advanced diagnostic tools and automated blood analysis system typically provide us with results in a matter of hours.
  • Endoscopy – Endoscopy allows quicker and more accurate diagnosis for a large number of ailments.
  • House Calls – Yes, we do make house calls. You and your pet can wait in the comfort of your home for the La Mirada veterinarian.
  • Microchip Implants – Keep your pet safe and at home with a microchip implant. Microchips install easy, are painless, and extremely effective.
  • Orthopedics & Hip Surgeries – We offer many types of surgeries including – bone surgery, limb or tail amputations, and knee surgery.
  • Puppy & Kitten Wellness Plans – Our puppy and kitten wellness plans ensure your pet gets a healthy start in life.
  • Spays & Neuters – Spaying or neutering your pet will improve their quality of life. Fixed pets feel calmer, are less likely to get into trouble outdoors, and have a lower incidence of certain cancers.
  • Ultrasound – We are one of the few clinics in the area that offer the benefits of quick and painless ultrasound technology.
  • Vaccinations – We want to help keep your pet healthy and offer low-cost vaccinations on a daily basis.

Our other services include heartworm and parasite prevention, behavioral medicine, internal medicine, laser surgery, nutrition counseling, oxygen transfusions, pain management, and private cremations. Our hospital near La Mirada also has a laboratory and a pharmacy on site.

At our veterinary practice we’re more than a business, we’re pet lovers and owners too. So if you’re looking for a veterinarian in La Mirada CA, look no further. We’re Orange County’s premiere veterinary practice serving La Mirada and beyond.