dvm (4)A pet being hit by a car is a serious matter. There are several steps you can take once your pet has been in a car accident that could save your pet’s life. These days, there are lots of reported car accidents. All people are prone to accidents, even animals such as your pet dog. However, you should not worry because there are lots of things that pet owners can do once your beloved pet is involved in a car accident.

You need to approach your injured pet with caution. As soon as you see that your dog has been hit, you need to pick them up quickly and carefully. If your pet is snapping or growling, you should try to gently muzzle your pet. If you don’t have veterinary first aid equipment, you try pantyhose with the panty part cut off since its stretchy cloth is ideal to muzzle your dog. In addition, you could also use a scarf, shoelace, or leash in order to bandage the injured area. The next thing you should do is to assess the injury of your pet to decide if you need to rush your dog to a veterinary hospital. Overall, if you see that your pet is involved in a car accident, you need to immediately check up on the injured body part of your pet in order to lessen the damage!

At Sunny Hills Veterinary Hospital we believe a healthy pet is our most important mission. Our team of doctors and staff pledge to provide the highest medical and surgical quality care in a friendly environment. We know that convenient services makes it easy to keep your pet healthy, So we offer a wide variety of full services for cats, dogs and exotics. Let us keep your pet happy, healthy, and comfortable for years to come, with quality care and a personal touch.

If your pet has been in a car accident, you can visit any of our locations, it could save your pet’s life:

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